Kurt-Schumacher Haus

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3-5,72762 Reutlingen, Germany

The house, Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3-5, 72762 Reutlingen, offers to students, interns and trainees a well-balanced combination of relaxing study environment and convenience. In the house you will find an international mixture of students and interns of locals companies like Bosch or Hugo Boss. All of them contributing to the friendly, comfortable study environment, in the house.

The house is situated 500m away from the campus. With a bus line, 50m distance to the house, which is directly heading to the city centre and main train station, you can easily reach the city centre. Around the house we have a public park like area with a little soccer field and basketball court. A supermarket, bank and pharmacie can be found round the corner.

The two houses comprise 45 and 50 apartments. Each of it with 17 to 22 m² with personal bathroom and mini kitchen. We do not have shared rooms in the house besides the room for the washing machines.

The basic furniture and equipment a room consists of is a bed with a mattress, desk, wardrobe, shelf, garbage can, In the bathroom we have a shower, toilette, mirror and wash basin. In each room we offer Satellite-TV-, Internet- and telephone connection. As there are very strict regulations in Germany for garbage separation and recycling, the tenants are kindly asked to concur with the general regulations.

We do not have a “party room” in the house. As we want to offer a quiet and comfortable study environment and to keep the good and healthy relationship with our neighbours, we have a strict policy of keeping the decibels low after ten p.m.



Building 3 entrance area Building 3 Building 3
Building 5 entrance area Building 5 Building 5
Apartment hall of residence garden
The neighbor building View from the roof Public sportsfield


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