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Frequently asked questions

Administration  We have students as contact persons in the house. Contact details you will receive as soon as we have your signed contract.
You can contact the administration via e-mail: info [at] studentinreutlingen [dot] de
Application Send us a request for the Application form and return it to us filled via e-mail.
Arrival  From the train station to the dormitory a taxi will cost you no more than €8.
Bus stop The nearest bus stop is within 3 minutes walking distance 
Contact info [at] studentinreutlingen [dot] de
Deposit Before receiving the keys for the room the tenant is obliged to pay the caution deposit.
Europa Institut
Hochschule Reutlingen
Call 112
House regulations Attached to the lease contract.
Internet Internet can be accessed the day your move-in through the network installed in the house. 
Lease Contract  Sent to you via e-mail. It has to be printed and sent signed in two copies to
Kurt-Schuamcher-Straße 3
72762 Reutlingen
Lease time Wintersemester 1.9 - 28.2. Summersemester: 1.3.-30.8. 
Parking If you have a car, please note this in your application form. 
Call 110
Supermarket In 200m distance
Telephone In each room you have a phone line which you can activate directly through Deutsche Telekom. 
TV The rooms are equipped with a Satelite-TV connection plug. You need a satelite reciever and your own TV.
Wash coins Can be obtained from designated students in the house.




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